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My AC Is Short-Cycling… Should I Be Worried?

Monday, July 31st, 2017

air-conditioning-tool-bagYes, you should be worried! But you can stop worrying quickly, because all you have to do is contact our HVAC specialists, any day of the week, and we’ll have technicians out to your home to find out what’s wrong with your air conditioning system. Then we’ll have the problem solved, fast.

We could end the blog post right here, but we want to share some information with you about why short-cycling is trouble for an air conditioning system and the various ways it might start. Short-cycling can be the symptom of many different AC issues, from minor to major. The air conditioner could need a new filter, or it might need to be replaced. Our technicians will discover the exact issue and find the best air conditioning service in Madera, CA to get your home cooled down once more.

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The Benefits of Zone Control

Monday, July 17th, 2017

vent-registerOne of the services we offer our customers is complete zone control installation and replacement. A zone control system allows a homeowner to manipulate which parts (“zones”) of a home receive conditioned air from the heating and air conditioning system.

The standard HVAC configuration in a home distributes conditioned air to every room connected to the ventilation system—regardless of whether the room requires climate control or not. This is convenient, but not exactly practical. Imagine having ­every light in a house come on when one switch is flipped. True, all the areas that need light would have it. But all the areas that don’t need light would also have it, and that’s a huge energy waste.

Zone control is an effective tool to restrict airflow to empty rooms without creating air pressure spikes inside the ventilation system. (This is what happens if people attempt “zone control” by simply blocking or closing room vents.) The system uses a series of dampers fit inside the ducts that connect to a network of local thermostats and a central thermostat. Local thermostats can make requests for heated or cooled air, and the system adjusts the thermostats and the operation of the heating/air conditioning system to meet those requests.

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Why We Recommend Whole-House Fans

Monday, July 3rd, 2017


Imagine this—but powerful enough for the whole house!

Air conditioning costs get steep during the hot summers we experience here in the Central Valley. Temperatures in the high 90s are common throughout the season, and most people simply can’t make it through a hot day without an effective air conditioning system to cool down their homes.

However, there are ways to supplement an air conditioning system so it doesn’t have to put in as much work during summer, helping to chop down scary monthly electrical bills. One method we strongly recommend is putting in a whole-house fan. Continue below for more about how these systems work and their benefits.

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