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3 Air Conditioning Problems You May Encounter This Summer

One of the last things you want to happen during a hot summer day in the Central Valley is for your air conditioner to shut down. Emergency service will get to you as soon as possible, but that still means a few uncomfortable hours without cooling. The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure that your AC receives its regular maintenance and that you call for repairs for smaller issues the moment you detect them.

Here are three air conditioning issues you may encounter during the summer that must be looked at and fixed right away before they grow worse and jeopardize your home’s cooling. Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning is on-call 7 days a week to handle your requirements for air conditioning repair in Fresno, CA. You can trust in our over 60 years of experience for whatever work you need done.

Take care of these 3 air conditioning problems right away

  1. Hard starting: This describes when your AC has difficulty coming on or switching into cooling mode. You’ll hear the system stutter and struggle to turn on, and often shut down soon afterwards. This is often because of trouble with the motors or the capacitors. If this continues, it can cause severe damage to the compressor, and it will place stress on other components and drain excess power. Technicians can replace the parts causing the hard starting or install a “hard-start kit” to overcome the issue.
  2. Icing along the coil: Your air conditioner blows out cold air, but it should never develop ice anywhere on it. If you notice ice growing along the indoor coil of your AC, you have a serious problem somewhere in the system. It could be a clogged air filter, a loss of refrigerant, or a build-up of grime along the coil. You can’t solve this problem by scraping the ice off the coil (and you might damage the coil in the process): call for professional repairs.
  3. Fan damage: The outdoor fan can sometimes sustain damage from debris entering the cabinet. (Make sure to keep the area around the condenser clear for at least a foot to reduce the chance of this occurring.) If the fan blades become bent because of debris, they will start to strike the fan casing, causing additional damage. When you hear any sort of loud striking sound from the condenser, call for repairs right away.

If you haven’t had a maintenance visit for your air conditioner yet this year, make sure you take care of that as soon as you can. Call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning to sign up for our Ultimate Savings Agreement, which will deliver you two tune-ups a year and provide you with preferred customer status and discounts on repairs and upgrades. Maintenance will help keep your needs for air conditioning repair in Fresno, CA to a minimum.

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