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What Happens When Your AC Condenser Needs Repairs

The AC condenser array is the component that starts the air conditioning cycle: applying heat and pressure to the refrigerant gas before releasing it into the compression coils where it reverts to a liquid state. (The evaporator coils return it to a gaseous state, which cools the nearby air and completes the air conditioning process.) When your AC condenser runs into problems, it can cut off power to your entire system, as well as reducing its cooling potential and similar dire issues. Here in Fresno, air conditioning repair companies can usually correct the issue with due speed.

Here’s A Brief Outline of What Happens When Your AC Condenser Needs Repairs

In some cases, the problem is electrical in nature. Either the circuits and wires providing power to the motor have gone bad or some component in the condenser motor itself has been damaged. In these cases, the air conditioner won’t start up at all. This is a valuable safety feature since it prevents further damage to the unit. However, you’ll have to get the electrical problem fixed before you can run the system again.

Another problem can occur if the condenser becomes excessively dirty, or the vent to the condenser unit is blocked. In some cases, this will result in the condenser working inefficiently. The AC unit won’t cool the air properly, and your system will have to work much harder in order to do its job. Alternately, the dirty condenser may result in rapid cycling, or turning the unit on and off very rapidly. Air conditioners use far more energy turning on and off than they do just running, so the conditioning needs to be addressed quickly.

Regardless of what happens when your AC condenser needs repairs, you’ll probably notice the effect fairly readily. When you do, you need to contract the professionals at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. Air conditioning systems need to perform at their peak during the hot summer months. We have the skills and experience to handle most any problem, so give us a call today to schedule air conditioning repair service in the Fresno area. You’ll be glad you did!

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