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3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Might Become More Expensive to Run

Summer is coming and with it comes in inevitable reality of higher air conditioning bills. Here in Fresno, we need our air conditioning systems to run reliably, lest they leave us at the mercy of triple-digit temperatures. Higher bills are a part and parcel of that equation, and to a certain extent we need to accept that fact. But the need for cool temperatures in hot weather can sometimes hide the fact that you’re paying more for your air conditioning service than you need to.

Here Are 3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Might Become Expensive To Run

  • Lack of maintenance. Dust and dirt can build up inside your air conditioner especially here in the Central Valley. That increases friction and reduces efficiency. So does a clogged air filter and any components with loose bolts or fittings. If you haven’t gotten your air conditioner serviced in a while, you might end up paying for it with higher bills this summer.
  • Leaky refrigerant. Your air conditioner requires a certain specific level of refrigerant to function. If it doesn’t have it, then ice will form on the evaporator coils. That reduces the efficiency of the unit, forcing it to work harder and increasing strain on the system as a result. A properly trained professional can seal the leak and recharge refrigerant levels for you.
  • Breached ducts. Your duct system needs to be closed to the outside air in order to function. If a breach develops, it will either cause cool air to leak out or suck hot air in. Either way, your system won’t function as effectively as it should.

If you spot any of these reasons why your air conditioner might become more expensive to run, the next step is to contact the Fresno air conditioning system experts at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning immediately. We operate in Fresno, CA, air conditioning systems are our specialty, and we have a sterling reputation for correcting any problems you may have with speed and efficiency. The weather this summer will be too hot to take chances. Give us a call and keep your AC unit functioning the way it should!

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