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Employee Spotlight – Jacob Davidson  


Jacob enjoys drinking “Rockstar” each morning.

Our first employee spotlight will be about Jacob Davidson. Jacob officially started work at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning in 2009. We say “officially” because Jacob has been part of the Purl’s family since the day he was born and spent many hours at the shop with his father Kurt Davidson.


Jacob with his parents,   Kurt and Lisa Davidson.

Jacob enjoys many other outside activities. He spends two nights a week working with the youth group at his church. He and his family own a desert off road racing team and enjoy weekends racing. He has volunteered at Algeria Guild Day in the Country since 2007 to raise money for Children’s Hospital Central California. In his free time, he enjoys air soft sports with friends.


Jacob is proud to be a part of Purl’s family.

Jacob says his favorite thing about his time at Purl’s Sheet Metal is the family aspect of the business. He said he loves the teamwork and family . Over the years Jacob has worked in many capacities at the shop. He started out tearing down old units, washing and refueling trucks. He learned to fabricate flashing and custom pieces and became a lead in our computerized plasma cutting technology. He learned how to service units and change out equipment. He also currently handles onsite company IT and security.


Jacob at work.

One of the most important things he feels he has learned at Purl’s Sheet Metal is how to work with people and communicate effectively. He has learned many life lessons during his time at Purl’s Sheet Metal. He learned the importance of honesty and fairness from his father Kurt. He also has learned the valuable art of negotiation from his Dad. Brian Driggs taught him how to research everything so you make smart, informed choices.



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