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3 Ways to Lower the Risk of Air Conditioning Repair

With summer on the way, you’re going to need your air conditioning system to perform at its best day in and day out. Repairs can be miserable when they take place in the middle of a heat wave, and while emergency repair services are sometimes available, no one wants to take that chance. Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning in Fresno is always on the job, but rather than waiting for a point in which you need them, consider the methods you can use to prevent that call in the first place.

Here Are 3 Ways to Lower the Risk of Air Conditioning Repairs

  • A/C Maintenance. Routine maintenance services are designed to clean the dust off of internal components, as well as recharging refrigerant and performing other small tune-ups. As a result, your air conditioner suffers less strain and doesn’t need to work as hard to do its job. Not only does that lower the risk of repairs, but it can save you money on monthly bills to boot. (Above and beyond professional maintenance, make sure you change your air filter regularly and ensure that it doesn’t get too dirty.)
  • Upgrades. Minor upgrades like zone control systems and programmable thermostats are a worthwhile investment for the same reason that a maintenance session is. Zone control systems let you shut off the air to parts of the house you aren’t using. New thermostats provide remote options that let you turn off the air when you aren’t at home. Both features reduce the strain on your system, leading to less of a chance of repairs as well as lowering monthly bills.
  • Home improvements. You can take steps around your home to help the air conditioner perform more effectively. For example, see about adding more insulation to your roof and sealing cracks around the doors and windows with weather stripping. They will help you home retain cool air better and reduce the stress on your air conditioning system.

For more ways to lower the risk of air conditioning repairs, or to schedule a repair session for your home, contact the pros at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. We handle all kinds of air conditioning repairs in Fresno and throughout the Central Valley, so give us a call today!

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