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Don’t Overstrain Your AC in Late Summer!


The summer heat in the Central Valley tends to reach its highest point near the end of the season. During this time, we want our customers to take good care of their air conditioning systems so their air conditioning systems will take good care of them during. Nobody wants to get trapped with a broken air conditioner when the temperature outdoors rises past 90°F.

We want to provide a different type of help in this post by drawing your attention to several ways you may be pushing your air conditioner harder than normal and placing it under greater strain. You can’t stop all AC repair troubles, but you can help prevent most if you know how best to treat your air conditioning system.

Always have the air conditioner professionally maintained

This is an annual necessity to ensure an air conditioner can work at its best and with the least amount of strain. We recommend our customers schedule this service during the early spring, but now isn’t too late. Maintenance will significantly reduce the chance of your AC failing during the season, and you can have it done easily when you join our Ultimate Service Agreement.

Avoid low thermostat settings

Although you can set the thermostat as low as 60°F–63°F (depending on the model), we advise you don’t lower the setting below 68°F. In fact, the ideal setting during the day for when people are home is 78°F. This temperature is comfortable for most and will prevent the air conditioner from running for too long and wearing down. Remember, setting the thermostat lower doesn’t mean the AC cools the house faster, it only makes the AC run longer.

Don’t ignore “minor” repair concerns

You may detect the air conditioner making strange sounds, or turning on and off too frequently or at odd times. If you don’t notice a change in the comfort of your house, you’ll feel tempted to ignore these signs. However, any indication your air conditioning system isn’t working properly merits looking into AC repair in Fresno. While the system may appear to be working correctly, any malfunction will place additional strain on the system that can lead to a much bigger, more expensive repair in the near future—as well as a failed AC.

Stay on top of filter changes

Changing the air conditioning system’s filter every one to three months can often slip people’s minds. Unfortunately, a dirty filter is one of the fastest ways to increase the workload of the AC and cause it to waste money and age rapidly. Check on the filter each month to see how dirty it is. A basic panel filter should be changed monthly, while the more powerful pleated filters can last for around three months.

Keep room vents open

Closing room vents or blocking them doesn’t cause the air conditioner to use less power. Instead, it increases the pressure inside the ventilation system and forces the air conditioner to work harder. Make sure all room vents are fully open and no furniture or rugs are blocking them.

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