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Why Your AC Is Unevenly Cooling Your Home


A common problem people encounter with air conditioning systems during hot weather is when the AC is running, but not all of the house receives an even distribution of cooling. There will always be some fluctuations in temperature throughout a house because of factors like lower insulation and radiant heat exposure. But a professionally installed air conditioner should make these minor. If professionals accurately sized the air conditioner for the home when it was installed, the AC should deliver the necessary comfort to all areas connected to the ventilation system. 

What can cause an AC to struggle to provide even cooling? We’ll look at several possible causes and help you understand when you need air conditioning repair—or maybe even a full system replacement. When you’re searching for “AC repair or air conditioning installation near me,” Purl’s is the first company to call.

Clogged air filter

This is the first thing to check when you notice hot spots when the AC is running. The air filter on the HVAC cabinet will clog after 1–3 months, and when that happens a lower volume of air enters the AC to receive cooling. When cooling volume drops, the more distant rooms along the ventilation system won’t receive as much conditioned air. 

Blower motor problems

The blower fan is responsible for pulling air into the AC, pushing it past the evaporator coil, and then into the ductwork to the rooms. If the blower fan motor starts to lose power, the air conditioner will not be able to push the air far enough along the ductwork to all of the rooms. Professionals will likely need to replace the motor or make other repairs to the blower assembly.

Faulty thermostat

You may have trouble with the thermostat rather than the AC unit. A miscalibrated thermostat may shut down the AC early so it only remains on long enough to cool the center of the house. Recalibrating a thermostat is a straightforward job for our technicians.

Leaking air ducts

The air conditioner may be working fine and sending out the cool air the house needs—but the air ducts are allowing the conditioned air to escape through leaks. Leaks create general trouble for an HVAC system, not only lowering cooling but also placing extra strain on the system to make up for the lost air. To solve this, hire professionals to seal the ductwork.

Oversized air conditioning system

We mentioned an AC must be correctly sized to provide even cooling. Your AC, however, may have been incorrectly sized so it’s too large. The air conditioner will send out cool air so rapidly that the thermostat will register the air conditioner’s job is already done and shut it off prematurely, leaving parts of the house without cooling. The only solution is to replace the system with a correctly sized one.

Dying air conditioner

Uneven cooling often warns that an aging AC (around 15 years) is beginning to die. We recommend calling our team to examine the system and see if it’s time for a new one. An AC older than 15 years is a good candidate for replacement.

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