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Duct Sealing and Winter Warmth in Your Home

Preparations for winter are now underway, and we’ve offered some advice on how you can help keep warm in your home this coming season while also saving money. (Remember, if you haven’t scheduled a regular maintenance tune-up and inspection for your heating system, now is definitely the time to do it!)

Today we’d like to focus on a part of your home that can lose heat that you may not have considered: the ductwork of the ventilation system.

Leaky air ducts = loss of winter comfort

There are many problems that leaks inside the air ducts of a ventilation system will create for a home. They place a severe dent in the energy efficiency of both the heater and air conditioner, lead to extra strain on the HVAC system that will increase repairs, and contribute to a drop in indoor air quality.

But comfort is another major victim of damaged ductwork. Even a small leak in the ducts means a significant loss of heat to the surrounding air. The places where the ductwork runs in a home are usually unheated (attics, spaces between walls, etc.), making it easy for heat to escape from the ducts and lower the temperature of the air inside them.

If you’re in a room in your home while the heating system is running, but the room still feels cold—as if the heater wasn’t even on—it may be due to a leak in the duct leading to that room’s vent. The more air leaks in the ducts, the more cold spots you’ll feel around the house. It won’t matter how well the house is insulated and how many other steps you’ve taken to conserve energy and keep out the cold… leaking air ducts will mean you’ll end up feeling the cold anyway.

The solution is to call us and arrange for duct sealing. We started in business manufacturing the sheet metal used in many ventilation systems, so ductwork is one of our specialties. We’ll locate the leaks in your ducts and seal them so you’ll have a heater that will keep your family warm successfully through the winter.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning offers duct testing and sealing in Fresno and Madera, CA.

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