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Some Checks to Make on Your Furnace During the Winter

We want to open this blog by emphasizing that only trained professionals should handle furnace repairs. Although we’ve provided a list of tips below for ways to check that your furnace is operating as it should, you should never attempt to diagnose a problem or perform a maintenance task (other than changing or replacing the filter) on your own. If you suspect that your furnace has a fault or it’s running inefficiently, call our service technicians. We’re here to serve you seven days a week.

With that important caution out of the way, here are a few periodic checks to make on your furnace during the winter:

Change or clean clogged air filters

This is the most important maintenance task that you must do yourself. Once a month, remove the filter and either clean it (if it’s a permanent filter) or replace it (if it’s a temporary filter). If you’re unsure of how to do this or where the filter is located, ask your service technician during the regular check-up and inspection you schedule for your furnace annually.

Examine the pilot light

Not all furnaces use standing pilot lights. Newer models use electronic ignition systems. But if you have an older furnace that does use a pilot light, you should check it once or twice a month to see if it is burning steadily. If the pilot light changes color from blue to red, yellow, or green, there may be problems with gas flow or another condensate is burning instead of methane. Call for repairs right away.

Make sure nothing blocks the outdoor air intake or the exhaust

Many modern furnaces no longer use a chimney for ventilation, but have fresh air intakes and exhausts on the side of the house. These can become blocked by debris such as leaves. Make a periodic check on these outside vents to see that they remain unobstructed.

When you need heating system repairs, call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. We have served Fresno and Madera, CA since 1952.

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