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Fixing Leaking Ducts Is a Good Way to Prepare for Hot Weather

ducts-in-atticAnother summer approaches with hot weather for the Central Valley. You probably already have a lot on your mind handling spring preparations. We hope that one of those preparations is scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance. It is still the best way to ensure great air conditioning system performance and energy efficiency through the summer.

There are other preparations you may need to make for your HVAC system that will prep your house for the warmer weather. One of those is duct sealing and repair.

We recommend duct repair in Fresno, CA as soon as you believe you have ductwork issues. Poor ducts can make it harder to stay comfortable in summer—and comfortable affordably.

Fixing Ducts Keeps Cooling Even Around a House

A properly designed ventilation system allows for the air conditioner to distribute cool temperatures evenly around the rooms. If the air conditioner was professionally sized and installed in the first place and the ducts are in good shape, you shouldn’t encounter hot spots in the rooms.

Once leaks start in the ducts, or the ducts begin to come apart at connections, it will cause the even cooling to plunge. Cool air will escape from the ducts, causing rooms connected to the damaged ducts to receive less conditioned air. The lack of airtightness will also cause the air pressure in the ventilation system to decline, which harms airflow throughout the house. Fixing the ducts with sealing and repairs restores the even cooling to the house and the air pressure to the ventilation system.

Fixing Ducts Helps With Humidity

A house that normally enjoys balanced humidity during the summer can start suffering from humid conditions when the ducts are leaking. Damp air from outside the ductwork will start to enter the ventilation system and spread around the house. An AC has some minimal humidity control, and the moist air drawn into the ducts will rapidly overcome it. Yes, you can have a dehumidifier installed, but first the ducts need to be repaired to keep out the humidity.

Fixing the Ducts Prevents Skyrocketing Utility Bills

Here’s a big number to keep in mind when thinking about ductwork: up to ­30% of the air moving through the ducts will escape through gaps and other leaks. That is air you’ve already paid to cool with the air conditioner, and it’s going to waste in places like the attic or between the walls. Imagine paying all that money to cool the attic! When you have ducts that need to be repaired, you can expect to see steeper utility bills. It doesn’t need to happen: you only need to have professionals seal and repair the ductwork.

Your Ductwork Repair Pros

Working with ventilation systems is one of our specialties. We fabricate our own sheet metal and can provide a level of repair and replacement for ducts that most contractors can’t. When you suspect your high bills and poor comfort are due to damaged air ducts, schedule service with us. We’ll see you have the summer comfort and savings you deserve.

Call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning to schedule duct repair and duct sealing. “Quality Is the Cornerstone of Our Success” since 1952.

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