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Have You Singed Up for Our Maintenance Program Yet?

March is an unusual month when it comes to heating and cooling a home, especially in a place like Northern California, where temperatures often swing back and forth between warm days and cold rainy days. This is probably the ideal time of the year to think about making changes to your HVAC system, such as putting in a new air conditioner or heater. It’s also the time to arrange for the annual maintenance service that will see that your air conditioning system is prepared for the coming summer.

But HVAC maintenance is about more than tuning-up the AC during spring. When you sign our Ultimate Service Agreement (USA), you’ll receive protection for your warm weather and cold weather needs—plus other benefits as well.

What Does the Ultimate Service Agreement Include?

  • Tune-ups for both your heating and air conditioning system: The centerpiece of the USA is two seasonal inspections and tune-ups. In spring, our technicians will service your AC, and then in fall take care of the heater. This will help both systems work at peak level, saving you money on energy efficiency and eliminating unnecessary repairs. These seasonal maintenance tune-ups will also help both comfort systems last as long as possible, which is the best long-terms savings plan.
  • Discounts: You’ll receive discounts on repairs and upgrades.
  • Preferred customer status: During the crunch-times of the year (summer heat waves, winter cold snaps), HVAC companies get extremely busy with service calls. The Ultimate Service Agreement lets you leap to the front of the service queue so you’ll receive the help you need, fast.
  • Courtesy service calls: You won’t have to worry about forgetting your annual service visits: our technicians will call you each spring and fall to make the arrangements.

There’s more, including service from NATE-certified technicians and 5-year warranties on repairs. Call us today to hear further details and to sign up.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning has served Fresno, CA and the Central Valley since 1952.

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