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Heart of California Quilt Show Kept Cool with Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Support

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning loves to support our local community. From fundraising for the Camp Fire Heart of CA kids program to assisting with the recent Heart of California Quilters’ Guild show, our goal is to build long lasting relationships with local organizations and community members.

We were recently called on to assist with an air conditioning set up for the Heart of California Quilt Show. Given the high temperatures, it was evident that the show attendees would need to be cooled down in order to safely enjoy the show. So, Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning helped out with a portable air conditioner!

Here is a sweet note we received thanking us for the assistance:


Dear Mr. Davidson,

Thank you so much for setting up your air conditioning system at the Heart of California Quilt Show. We so appreciate your quick response to Mike Giersch’s call. It made a world of difference to all of us.

Over the two days, there were approximately 360 individuals who attended the show along with our guild members and vendors. The chairs that were set up in the front of the air conditioned “cool zone” were some of the most popular in the building. I heard many people comment that your air conditioning made all the difference in their enjoyment of the event.

Once again, we appreciate your support of our organization and the Quilt Show.



Patty Huff

Show Treasurer

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