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It’s Not Too Late to Schedule a New Air Conditioning Installation!

Have you taken a look at the forecast for the weather in Fresno and the Central Valley for the coming July? It’s going to be ­hot. Not just your everyday, “Hey, it’s hot today!” sort of weather. We’re talking about more than half the month averaging 100°F or above for midday. The cool days will have average highs of 95°F! This is hotter than we normally experience during the middle of the summer. The August forecast isn’t much better, with the 100°+ temperatures holding through much of the month, and going right on into September.

Replacement_Residenital_UnitsThe bottom line is… do you think the old air conditioning system in your home is up to an even larger challenge with the heat than last summer? It’s an important question to answer, because you do not want to have the system fail on you—possibly for the last time—on a day when the temperatures rises a bit over average and hits 105°F. If there are infants or elderly people in your house, such a situation is potentially life-threatening.

It’s true that you can call for emergency AC repairs. But this not only involves waiting, even the best repair technicians might not be able to restore an extremely old air conditioning system. Replacing it will be the only option.

The best strategy is to have that aging air conditioning system for your home replaced now, during the relative (and we do mean purls-503relative) cool of June and the last days before the official start of the summer. If your current AC system is more than 15 years old, replacement should definitely be an option. Thanks to the HERO Program, you can find an affordable way to install a new energy-efficient air conditioning system upgrade with no fixed rates and flexible terms of 5–20 years. You make repayments through your property taxes. We’re a HERO-registered contractor and are ready to help you install the finest new cooling system to make the hot summer a breeze!

Since 1952, Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning has delivered exceptional air conditioning service to Fresno, CA and throughout the Central Valley.

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