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Signs You’re Overdue for Dryer Vent Cleaning

purl-s-hvac-service-and-repair-purls-madera-dryer-ventYou often don’t read about HVAC companies that offer dryer vent cleaning. But this is a service we believe in strongly—because cleaning the dryer vent helps to prevent the majority of house fires. We recommend you arrange for dryer vent cleaning in Fresno, CA with us if you haven’t done it before. You can choose to have it done in connection with the other ductwork and indoor air quality services we provide.

If you’re still uncertain if you need this job done or not, below we’ve listed the signs to watch for that will warn you that you’re overdue for dryer vent cleaning.

The dryer isn’t drying enough

What happens if you don’t clean out the lint trap in the clothes dryer before you run a load? You’ve probably had this happen before and know the answer: your clothes will come out damp and you’ll have to run the dryer again. When the trapped is clogged up, the dryer can’t properly vent out the hot, moist air drawn from the clothes, so the clothes don’t dry. The same problem occurs when the dryer vent is congested with lint. So when you find your clothes are taking too long to dry, and it’s not because of the lint trap, the dryer vents need attention.

The outside of the dryer is too hot

The dryer cannot properly remove heat when the vent is clogged up with lint. This traps heat inside the dryer, and the exterior will be hot to the touch. You can always expect the dryer to feel a bit warmer when running—but not hot.

Higher energy costs

The same way the blower fan in an HVAC system must strain and use up more power when the air filter is blocked, the dryer will waste more energy trying to work when the clogged vent is putting resistance against it doing its job.

The laundry room feels humid

Yes, you can expect your laundry room to feel more humid than the rest of the house. Plenty of water is used here. But if the laundry room now feels like a swamp, the cause may be a blocked dryer vent forcing the damp air from the dryer out into the room.

A moldy smell in the laundry room

This is connected to the humidity issue—too much moisture forced into the laundry room can lead to a moldy smell. Not to mention mold.

An acrid, burning smell from the dryer

If you notice this, shut the dryer off immediately. This is the big reason dryer vents need regular cleaning: the lint trapped in the vent can catch fire. Lint is highly flammable. In fact, hikers often carry lint taken from lint traps to help start campfires. The intense heat inside the dryer vent may cause lint to ignite and start a house fire. Call for assistance right away and don’t use the dryer again until the problem is fixed.

Having a clean dryer vent not only makes your home safer, it will lower your energy bills and lengthen the service life of the dryer.

Schedule dryer vent cleaning today! Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning: “Quality Is the Cornerstone of Our Success” since 1952.

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