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Ways Your Local HVAC Contractor Can Help You in the Fall

autumn-backgroundTemperatures are still warm and sometimes hot here in the Central Valley as we enter into the official beginning of fall. You’ll need to keep a close watch on your AC during this time to catch repair issues, but this is also a period to begin preparing for the colder days of later fall—and the winter after it. We’re here to help you with whatever you need for HVAC in Fresno, CA. In fact, we have a couple ideas for how we can be of service to you this season.

The Annual Furnace Tune-Up and Inspection

Any heating system needs a professional tune-up and inspection before the winter starts. But we’d like to put special emphasis on the gas furnace because it’s probably the type of heater your home uses. Gas furnaces are still the most common type of residential heating system in the country because of their powerful heating output and energy-saving operation.

During professional maintenance, one of our HVAC contractors will give your furnace a multi-point inspection to locate where there may be repair needs to be taken care of and if there are any safety problems requiring attention. The maintenance technician will also handle tightening loose electrical connections, cleaning the burners, and making other adjustments as part of a general tune-up. The result will be a safe, efficient, and reliable gas furnace for the winter. We offer this heating maintenance service through our Ultimate Service Agreement, which also includes spring maintenance for your air conditioning system.

Heating System Replacement

This is a big job, but sometimes it needs to be done—and the fall is the best time to arrange for it. If during your maintenance inspection, the technician gives you a diagnosis that the furnace (or other heater) is too old to continue to be cost-effective to keep, you can discuss your options for a new heater. We offer a number of choices for heating systems, and we’ll see that you end up with one that fits your budget and the heating needs of your home.

Air Duct Cleaning

How long since you had your home’s ducts cleaned? If it’s been five years, or if you can’t remember ever having them professionally cleaned, then take the time this fall to schedule duct cleaning with us. Cleaning out the debris and dust build-up inside the air ducts makes an enormous difference in HVAC performance, helping to see the AC and heater can work at peak efficiency. It also eliminates extra dust around the house.

Improved Rain Gutters

Okay, this is something that most HVAC contractors can’t help you with. But we can! Part of our HVAC service is custom sheet metal fabrication, and we don’t do it just for ventilation systems; we also create custom rain gutters. To help protect your house and avoid flooding in your yard, have us replace your old rain gutters this fall. We also can take care of rain gutter repair.

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